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Offshore Medical Certificate
other companies

Download this information

Download Self Declaration

Download Info for Exam Candidates

Info für Untersuchungskandidaten

to fix an appointment for examination

  • Please email to
    - Do NOT use other email addresses
    - Do always send direct ("to"), thank you!
    - If you send a copy of your vaccination cards (Impfpass)
      we could prepare necessary vaccinations for you!

  • or call +43 (699) 19 44 23 90 (Dr. Prohaska)
    - Do NOT use other phone numbers
    - Please TALK to the mailbox or SMS, thank you!

In any case please mention:
- your name / name of examination candidate
your phone no. for a call back
- times of availability on your phone

In most cases direct contact with examination candidate is the best option to fix an appointment, to clarify specific health issues before exam, and to prevent delay.

Please notice that due to medical confidentiality rules
- ANY medical issue
we will discuss only with examination candidate him/herself
- ANY medical document
we will only send to candidate
to company co-workers or assistants we will ONLY send the Offshore Medical Certicicate
  with OK of candidate.  

If your plans have changed...

If you have to cancel the appointment please inform us asap
- by email to
- or call: +43 (699) 19 44 23 90 (Dr. Prohaska)
- or call: +43 (699) 18 44 23 90 (Dr. Welslau), thank you!

bring along for offshore exam

  • completed “Self Declaration” (download here)
  • passport or ID-card
  • gym shorts
  • sports shoes
  • towel
  • previous offshore medical, if there is any
  • medical reports of injuries, illnesses, surgery
  • vaccination cards
  • recent lab results (blood, urine) of last 3 months, if there are any

offshore medical examination will take place

at medical office of
Dr. Roswitha Prohaska & Dr. Wilhelm Welslau

Seeboeckgasse 17 (ground floor, door no. 2)
1160 Vienna, Austria

If you come by car
Please notice that around our office there is a short-term parking zone

If you come by plane
Best way to come to us from Vienna airport (VIE) is by taxi. To save money:
- after passing airport customs at VIE arrival hall
- turn left to taxi agency booth "40100" (black number on yellow ground)
- ask for a "Wiener Taxi" to the 16th district (16. Bezirk)
- wait for your driver
- you will be charged a fixed rate (currently 36,- EUR)
- for your way back to airport call 01-40100 and ask for a "Flughafen-Taxi"
   (you will be charged the same fixed rate) 

Public transports:

Subway U3, station “Ottakring”             Tramway 44, station “Wattgasse”,
from here 11 min walk                           from here 5 min walk

U3 Ottakring - Seeboeckgasse 17Tram 44 - Seeboeckgasse 17

If you need your Offshore Medical Certificate urgently...

Lab results (blood, urine) are part of exam and will need minimum two working days. If we take lab samples on examination day it will be NOT possible to hand out or send by email your certificate the same day.

If you need your certificate urgently please

  • fix your appointment for exam personally asap
  • bring along all required documents and items (see here)
  • bring required lab results (not older than 3 months)
    • blood sedimentation rate (Blutsenkungsgeschwindigkeit)
    • complete blood count CBC (Blutbild)
    • fasting blood glucose (Blutzucker)
    • ALAT (SGPT)
    • gamma GT (GGT)
    • serum cholesterol (Cholesterin im Serum)
    • creatinin (Kreatinin)
    • urinary protein (Eiweiss im Harn)
    • urinary sugar (Zucker im Harn)
    • urinary sediment (Harn-Sediment)

             you can
             - either ask a doctor to take lab samples
             - or ask us about a lab referral before appointment ("Laborzuweisung").   

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